the perfect meal for one who hates air conditioning


simple cooking creates delicious meals. 
i dont know why we have ever strayed from this. 
why meals have come complicated. especially in the summer. 
chad and i have this weird philosophy in our home, we have central air. but... we don't use it.
it may be 89 degrees, and humid. but turning on that air condition does not even remotely seem appealing. when you live in a state that is below 30 degrees for 4 to 5 months out of the year . a little sweat indoors feels great. (yeah, we're crazy) but besides the fact that we are rooting for anything besides turning on that air, we try really hard not to turn on the oven. 
it's slightly ridiculous how far of measures we will go to avoid turning that thing on.

so thankfully there is the grill.
and antipasto salads. that we eat all summer long.

with that, if you are in refusal of turning on the air coordinating... and the oven. here is the simple solution for you.

caprese salad
fresh garden tomatoes, sliced thinly
fresh mozzarella , sliced thinly
fresh basil
best quality olive oil
salt & pepper

arrange cheese, tomato, and basil in rows
drizzle olive oil over, and if you would like  a litle kick, drizzle some blasmic
generously apply salt and pepper

lemony chicken
**this is a recipe that i just  threw together and tasted really good, and here are the things that i think went into it ;)**
3 lemons
chicken breast
2 garlic cloves
1 tablespoon olive oil
fresh salt and pepper
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
fresh basil

slice lemons thinly
mince garlic
add salt,pepper, and cayenne to chicken
put all of these things in a zip lock bag and add olive oil.
marinate for at least one hour, and up to 24 hours.
heat grill to medium and cook until chicken is done, i did 5-8 minutes per side
chop up basil and arrange in a pretty pan or dish

grilled corn on the cob
heat grill to medium
pull husks away from corn and soak in water for 10 minutes
pull husks back up and transfer to grill, grill for 15-20 minutes

what are your favorite summer recipes?

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