a trip to kansas!


a few weekends ago a few girl friends and i decided that it would be fun to take an impromptu trip to kansas city. the idea started out with the idea that chad and i should take a quick little road trip the two of us for a quick weekend. we thought of somewhere we had never been together, and came up with kansas city. but...but his work got so crazy busy, so busy that he was going to have to work over the weekend so that idea was vetoed early on in the week. in the process of this, i casually was talking to my friend tuesday evening, when she said, why don't we make it a girls weekend and go visit a friend from high school..  we talked back and forth and by wednesday evening we had decided that it was a done deal, we would be heading to kc friday afternoon! best last minute idea ever. first off the weather was actually warm (amazing what six hours south does!) and our friend was able to show us all around the inside spots of KC! i haven't been to kansas city in several years and forgot what a beautiful and charming place it is. there are so many fun restaurants and coffee shops, not to mention, the food was absolutely amazing.

**the farmers market was amazing! and huge! i fell in love instantly and keep telling everyone i run into how much i love it. i also picked up some whipped vanilla honey that has been amazing on toast, it gets me excited for the minneapolis farmers markets that will be opening up here soon!**

**anytime you go south, you gotta get BBQ!**

**thanks kell and laur for a great weekend!!**

after our little trip it made my travel bug stir even more. how many more  charming cities are out there that i haven't explored yet. how many other cute-sty towns could chad and i live in? we are open to suggestions ;)

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