his and hers / 01


welcome to my new little series called his and hers. i know these things have been circulating around the web for a long while, not to mention stores and merchants have caught on to this fun idea, but i thought it would be fun to do a continuous series of the different him and hers of chad and heather ( i have also seen some mama and baby ones, those are so cute!). i love seeing what each of us brings to our lives, and how though we are one family, we have our own unique characteristics. it still amazes me of how perfect two people come together, despite how different they are from one another. i love it! these photos above were taken by chad a few nights ago (where he also posted them on instagram, i have to say he is the creative half of 'us'), where he snapped some photos of our night stand. 

excited to be sharing some more of his and hers in the coming future!

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