three things over the weekends // oh so sweet


three things over the weekend

1. well this lady over here is still pretty stressed, but that lovely husband of mine takes care of me real well. we decided to keep this weekend pretty low key and got a bunch of little things done and had a lot of fun doing it. for instance, we got rid of our not so pretty kitchen table i inherited during college and braved ikea, on a sunday! then we, or should i say chad, proceeded to put together our nice, simple, new ikea kitchen table and beautiful chairs. its a little thing but that little thing is a win if you ask me! also if you want to ask me another win- chad and i walked around ikea with ice cream cones while we furniture shopped.

2. we opted out of dining with all of the other love birds on friday night and had a great homemade meal night at home with a nice italian theme. my love for cooking is growing like a mad weed and i am always thinking and trying new recipes. we had a ton of fun with our little valentines night at home, with a long pasta dinner ( with the musician iron and wine playing in the background), sipped on a few glasses of wine, and finished the night with a  good ol' movie. i have to say that it was one of the best valentines to date except for in the desert department. i attempted to make a vanilla bean cheesecake that i have to say wasn't that good.. which was a bust if you ask the sweets lover over here, but hey, you can't win them all ;)

3. my sister rosie came over and we spent the afternoon in a sweets coma (i think that was at fault for the cheesecake i messed up and my stress levels), we ventured out, got treats, and then made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and home made tag-a-longs, all gluten free! twas glorious , time spent with the sister while eating sweets, doesn't get much sweeter then that ;)

to add to all of the "sweetness" in this post, i have to mention that the card chad got me for valentines day talked all about how sweet i was ( the one photoed is the one i got him), but how fitting, especially because it seems to me that this weekend was all about the sweets!

how was your weekend?

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