the first year


when they say time flies, they really aren't kidding! chad and i celebrated our first year of marriage yesterday. it was the fastest, best-est( i know this isn't a word), year in my life. to celebrate we decided to dedicate an entire weekend doing the things we love the most. antiquing, exploring, eating, drinking coffee and eating (extra emphasis on the eating. what better way to celebrate marriage then food?! especially when the food is really, really good). it was spent laughing and reminsing about the events that have taking place over the year. so much happens over a the span of year and it was crazy to think of all of the trips and adventures we experienced. so many great memories, big and small.

 ** milk shakes and burgers for lunch, yum!**

**downtown stillwater, mn. they still had a little christmas cheer hanging round which made my heart so happy! the snow was falling so it almost felt like we were walking through a snow globe**

marriage is an amazing thing that changes the way you view one another. first of all, you have to pick get to your partner but then you must choose to love them selflessly over and over. in all of the good and the bad, you get to do life with another person. it is truly an amazing, but selfless act. i am so thankful that i have found the perfect companion to journey through life with. happy one year chad, i'll love you forever.

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