the weekends were made for spending time with family and eating treats


three things from the weekend...

... my sister laurel came home from colorado thursday evening, so i spent the majority of my time with my sisters. which is perfect in every which way. we were extremely goofy and giddy, ate gingerbread, baked a whole lot of cookies and went christmas shopping. 

... the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful and laid back (the best types of weekends if you ask me). chad was not so lucky and came down with a pretty nasty cold friday morning, so while i was off with my sisters he watched netflex, relaxed, and drank lots of tea.  in all of this r&r time, i finished two books! i love christmas break!

... then on sunday, chad began to feel a little better so we ventured out to a late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, parka. it was there where snapped these little photos. minnesota is extra snowy lately and it is quite beautiful. it makes me so happy because it looks fluffy and makes it feel even more christmasy

how was your weekend?

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