welcome to the new and improved honee bee!


after months of talking and planning between our web developer, adriana, chad, and myself , the new and improve honee bee blog has arrived! no more half honee bee, half bumble bee, business.when i first started this blog, i started it as a personal journal. i had no idea what i was doing (not that i really do now) but had no direction or purpose in the blog. after some time and thought i have decided that i want this blog of mine to continue being a lifestlye blog, but have more purpose to its content.  i am excited to head this direction and share with you what i have planned for this site.

whats new?

- new and improve navigation of the site

- the side bar now offers easy access to popular groupings and features, dress, marriage, recipes, and travel

- sponsorships/ad swaps are available! check the advertise tab to find more information.

whats to come?

honee bee will be launching several new things within the next few months. there will be new and improved style posts, recipes, and post about travel. posts will be better built and have a more specific focus. several old recipe and style posts will be removed and then reinstalled to provide a better consistency of content as the blog has dramatically progressed over the years. this development will be taking place and be "in the works" these next few months until the site is completely rebranded.

 major thanks to adriana who really help build and develop this site to my liking. if you are in search of a new blog layout i cannot express enough kind words about adriana.

i am very excited for all of the new changes that honee bee will be taking on and i thank you for supporting this little blog of mine.

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