need: accessories for prewinter


need: accessories for prewinter
the seasons in minnesota
 fall: september-october
 prewinter: november-december, pre-winter
winter: january-march (or april... or may)
spring: maybe april-may
summer: june-august

living in minnesota you get glorious summers, but brutal winters. it starts getting cold in november and gradually progresses from cold to freezing. this is the time of year that i like. a little bit of chill, not a lot of frozen. the weather is cold, but it's not bad like january where you get negative temperatures the require long underwear 6 out of the 7 days of the week.  its like mother nature wants to give us a slow warning and wants us to warm up (ironic right) to the idea that it is going to get much, much colder. thats why i came up with a little "pre-winter" needs. pre-winter you can still pull off not wearing a sweater 90% of the time, and have much more flexibility with what items you want to wear vs. need to wear. i like this prewinter season, however i don't know if i am ready for actual winter yet.

what are your winter/pre-winter needs?

wallet//  lipstick// pants//  sweater// hat//candle// notebook// shoes

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