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in the cooler months, i always feel like it is much more difficult to keep a child entertained. the park is no longer a quick five minute walk away, you can't even play in the front yard. so what is a nanny to do ;) ? because i have been nannying full time for almost two years i have gotten pretty creative when it comes to indoor activities with children. for one, the malls become your new best friend. i have learned there is always a playground or kid area- and you can really get the littles to burn off all of their energy! two, the library is frequented much more. and three, you can find local classes or activities. last tuesday the little babe and i headed to toddler tuesdays (something we attend every week- great free twin cities area activity!). while we were there, i found out that the indoor amusement parks tickets were half off.   consider me sold! when the little one was getting restless, we decided to go on some rides. it was SO fun. her little face lit up once the ride began to take off (despite any of the photos i toke, she did not like it when i stepped away from her on the rides. i can't blame her, those rides are scary when you are a little person!)
we only went on a few rides but that was more then enough to keep this little one entertained. her favorite one was the merry-go-round. we sat on the pony and the entire ride she kept on saying "neigh, neigh!" then she turn to her neighbor, the rabbit and just stare at it as it moved up and down. needless to say, the rides were a hit and i think we will be frequenting them more often this winter. i am so lucky i get paid to hang with this little lady. 

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