quick little weekend update


1//  pumpkin cupcake from c 2// c trying on jacket 3// me with new hat 4// salad 5// outfit of the day 6// looking for suits for c.

my real quick little weekend update:

1// went to the mall three times this weekend. yes-friday,saturday, sunday.
 friday was girls night with katie and rosie. rosie and I were asked to babysit hang out with grandma so we thought we would go to the mall.
 saturday was shopping day/ day date with c. 
sunday went looking for wedding things. 
don't worry though I only spent a total of $8 the whole weekend. :)

2//  had a night at home w/ rosie where we painted our nails, drank chai, and watched breakfast at tiffany's. so relaxing

4// ate a lot of salad, yum :)

to say the least this weekend was relaxing. didn't do anything crazy fun- but it was niiiceee.

linking up with the girls and the weekend update!


  1. Sometimes all you need is a relaxing weekend!! That cupcake looks delicious!!


  2. I think you and I share the same obsession for hats. Cute!

    1. hats are the best fashion statement invented. :)

  3. LOVE your floppy hat!! Where from? Sounds like a fun weekend!


    1. THANKS! it was a STEAL at american eagle couple weeks ago... $5!

  4. Those zebra cookies look amazingggg.
    And I'm so jealous of that hat! Where did you get it?!
    Glad you had a good weekend at the mall ;)

    1. hat was a GREAT find at american eagle.. $5!!! isn't that amazing.

  5. Agree with the others.. Loving the hat and five dollars!! Well done.

  6. how sweet of him to help make your day better!


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