Fall to-do


Being my organized self, I can't let fall slip by with out creating (and completing) a fall to do list. And  Fall has been SO perfect this year. I know I have done the last 5 blog post about fall but in Minnesota, fall never lasts long- meaning embracing every last bit is a must! 

fall musts:
make apple crisp
jump into crispy leaves
drink apple cider
go pumpkin picking
carve pumpkins
make pumpkin bread
go on long walks
rake leaves
get a new scarf 
wear lots of maroon and mustard
drink extra espresso
go on a hay ride
burn fall smelling candles
drink chai- pumpkin chair (yes they have this at trader joe's along with pumpkin greek yogurt!)

so far here I have made apple crisp, drank espresso, and worn lots of maroon and mustard. 
 Be expecting the best pumpkin bread recipe in a few days :)

What are your fall to-dos?

Psalm 28: 7-8" The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. The LORD gives his people strength. He is a safe fortress for his anointed king"


  1. o this just looks so lovely! My fall to do includes apple picking, pumpkin patch, football games, scarves, boots, and cooking lots of pumpkin things!

  2. love this to-do list. fall is my favorite season--my list looks similar to yours! pumpkin picking/carving, mountain hiking, apple cider drinking, fall candle burning, and apple/pumpkin eating!

  3. I love fall, it's my favorite season! Like in Minnesota, in Charleston we don't get much of the season either. It's been 80 and humid here the past week. And, our leaves never change colors :( On the top of my to-do list is drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte's from Starbucks. I'm waiting for it to be about 10 degrees cooler before I begin indulging. I too, have many plans to wear mustard and boots!


  4. I love your outfit! You have a good fall to do list. I'm excited to do a lot of those things too!


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