3 fold weekend


3 things from this weekend.

1// women's conference 
My church, River Valley, hosted their annual women's conference called SPARKLE.  To put it simply, it was incredible. They brought in CHARL
who spoke very inspiring words encouraging us to be bold, strong women of God and to really take authority in our lives. We often forget that we OWN our faith, and for our faith to move mountains we have to take control and influence our zone (those who surround us). On top of the awesome message Charolette had for us, theme of the conference was the 1950's so the church was filled with beautiful, fun, girly decor. 

2// sister's homecoming
It was my sister Rosie's homecoming for her high school. She looked beautiful :)

3// quality time w/ college roommates
My old college roommates, Katie and Wendy, were in town so we got to spend some quality time with one another. It blows my mind that it was only a short year ago that we all lived together. We did several of our favorite things to do in the Twin Cities, including coffee, chocolate, and a little shopping. What more does a girl need ;)

Now for the crazy week, that is going to be filled with lots of wedding planning. C & I are hoping to finish up our wedding invites and get them mailed within the next couple weeks- look for a preview soon!


  1. What a great theme for a conference or get-together! The pictures came out great. :)
    My little sister had homecoming a couple of weeks ago. Where does the time go?!


  2. Sounds like an amazing conference!! I love that- we own our faith. Amen, sister! And! You are your sister are such pretty girls!

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    Hope you stop by and say hello, and thanks so much lady!
    Xo, Emily

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