Labor Day Weekend Fun


1// me & lacy 2// C on boat 3// lovebirds on the boat 4// vintage boat show 5 // vintage boat show 6// cute golden puppy I met at the boat show 7// Lake Vermillion 8// C & I after swimming 9// flea market 10// flea market finds  11// shooting 12// c & dog 13// c & I  14// lacy as a lap dog 

As always, C & I had a blast at the lake this weekend. It is so nice to escape from the craziness and the to-do list to a place of nothing. Nothing is planned, nothing has to get done, no where you have to be. It really allowed me to unwind before having to start school again. We spent the lake hanging out, boating, and spending time outside.

My favorite part about the cabin are the mornings. You wake up, get your cup of coffee and stare out onto the stillness of the lake. The beauty is captivating.  

But back to reality and the to-do list (after all I do have a wedding to plan ;) )


  1. wow what a great escape! beautiful photos of you and your love..that dog is adorable! following you now..kisses!

  2. Heather you always look so adorable!! Looks like such a fun weekend!


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