Wedding in Duluth


1// Duluth harbor 
2// C & I
3// Duluth Pack Shop
4// Local Train
5// Sight seeing device, beautiful view of Lake Superior 
6// Myself enjoying a malt. yum.
7// Katie & Brock Sharing a malt
8// Malt Shoppe "Thank you"
9// Cannel Drawbridge
10- 12// Essie & Micah's Wedding 

Last weekend I got to celebrate two lovely weddings, one in St. Paul and the other in Duluth. That being said C and I headed up to Duluth on Sunday to celebrate Essie and Micah joining as one. While being up there we got to spend some quality time with Katie and Brock, and walked around the beautiful town. If you have never been there, Duluth has a vintage feel that if full of life. Lake Superior surrounds the town, making it feel like a town off the ocean. It is a great, fun place and I am blessed to spend some time up there sight seeing as well as celebrating the wedding! 

Romans 12:9 "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good"

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