Raspberry time


if you don't know it by now... I love my fruit. Especially freshly picked fruit (awesome in the summers) 

The  fruit of the week is...  RASPBERRIES

Why you should eat raspberries 
  • Low calorie sweet snack that is filled with dietary fiber and anti-oxidants
  • High source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E
  • Helps fight cancer, aging, and inflammation
  • A tasty overall treat that is good for you :)
Eat them plain or in scones... or for a perfect summer treat top put onto your favorite ice cream! 

James 4:10 "Humble yourselves before the LORD, and he will lift you up"


  1. I love fresh picked fruit, too. Love the idea of raspberries in ice cream! Delicious. :)

  2. Mmmm! I LOVE raspberries! Although blueberries are my absolute favorite! Thanks for stopping to see me today! Following you now. Have a great afternoon! :)


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