things that make me say yay/ 06


well, i have returned back from the beautiful, warm country of mexico, back to the frozen tundra where snow and chilly temperatures instantly greeted me. surprise! when i left for mexico, the temps were still fairly warm (30s-40s). little did i know that it would full on transform to winter while i was away. in a way it is nice to be greeted with a new season, because as the weather has changed, so has the next season of my life, being an official graduate! i have several of fun snippets to share from my past two trips (life in the range road trip and puebla mexico) but to keep it nice and simple today, here is what makes me say yay.

cups of hot cocoa on 10 degree days
warm wool sweaters
paired with a nice scarf
wearing my favorite pair of frye boots everyday for a week
hot lemon water
tissues when you have an awful stuffy nose
my cute little sister's blog
planning meals for thanksgiving
pomegranates! now that they are back in season.
wool hats. especially when you have a bad hair day or two

what makes you say yay?

outfit details: hat// target shoes// born from nordstrom shirt// madewell pants// american eagle purse// fossil

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