get aways are a good thing for the soul


oooooh hi fall. you are more beautiful then ever. this past weekend chad and i snuck away up to the family cabin, which is three  and a half hours from the cities, a half an hour from good ol canada.  so when we made our way up there we were greated with  a beautiful sea of colors. the colors are just starting to change down here, so it was amazing to get a preview of what is to come! the best part of the weekend was that the temps were warm and even in the 80s. let me tell you folks who are not from minnesota, this is a very rare thing that northern minnesota is in the 80s, at the end of september! it was great. we got to see the beautiful lake by boat, in t-shirts, shine it's fall colors.

i am trying to be more active, so i did a couple runs down some dirt roads while we were up there. it is funny what getting away does to you. we were only three and a half hours away from home, but it felt like we were in another state. i can't lie, but i have been stressed these past few weeks trying to finish up my schooling (let's be honest, i have been pretty stressed working and attending school these past two years, but it is getting to the end, soon, i will no longer be a graduate student, nor be a stressed lady!! granted, some of my best baking as happened as i am a stress baker, but i am sure that i will still love to bake, despite not being stressed ;) ha!)

two days away, it was great for the soul. now back to the grind. only a few things to check off that to-do list that was pretty big a few weeks ago... now, it is looking real good. have a happy thursday!

jeans// paige shoes// minnetonka moccasins shirt// target hat// scarf// crochet this

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