it's rain!


i am so, so excited to see that today when i stare out the window i see rain and not snow! it's been months since i have seen that stuff. minnesota is finally starting to thaw out, thank goodness because chad and i were starting to go nuts with having to be indoors, all. the . time. march has been treating us good, with the temps finally rising above freezing (depressing i know), and snow is finally starting to melt, hooray! we are getting more anxious then ever for the snow to melt because... chad got a motorcycle! i have always been a fan of motorcycles, especially when there is a cute driver involved ;) my dad rode them my entire childhood (and still continues to do so) so i am ecstatic that chad found himself one. it is a cute 1970s bike.  now once that snow melts and the sand is gone, we can go for a ride. i can't wait for picnic dates on the bike at one of the lakes (not to mention for the pretty flowers to be back). with this new spring air i am feeling like i have more energy again.  this winter has been a long one i think for everyone this year.  it seemed like everywhere was getting a cold front, and people were not prepared. but folks, i think it's over. lets hold onto our spring hats and hope that this white stuff is gone for a while!

outfit details// shirt: madewell pants: american eagle shoes: ralph lauren hat: nordstrom scarf: anthropologie

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