i used to say...


i used to say that i didn't want to have a dog until we started having kids (a long time from now).

but... now after seeing all of these cute little pups walking around the lake and i think "oh i want one!" and it is becoming an obsessive matter. in my spare time i google different type of puppies. and come up with cute names.  i always get way ahead of myself but i think "it would be so fun to have a pup so excited to see you when you get home or a little guy to take around the block"

i know the latest rage are bulldogs. but dang are they cute! and if i had to pick a puppy today, i would probably go with the english bull dog. i love their wrinkly old man faces. and cubby bodies. and i hear they like to cuddle!

so i have to say... times are changing. and i want a little guy of my own! though we probably won't get our own little pup for a while, if not a long while. i will just be dreaming about them instead!
**photo above is dug, my nanny family's french bulldog**


  1. i say puppy first, because then you know if you're truly cut out for kiddos! it's like a test run. also, look at that face, how could you not want one?!

  2. Such a cutie! We got a puppy first and now as he is starting to settle down, we are expecting our first baby in September. I think they will be the best of friends! We got a boxer, which is such a great family dog, awesome with kids, full of energy, and the best snuggler around! He's also got the cutest little face! Kinda similar to Dug!

  3. i was just like you about wanting the dog to come with the kids... but then i saw my kinzie: http://apartment-wife.com/2013/07/15/puppy-in-the-closet/

  4. Awww so so cute, you should just do it now!

    You know.. "Prepare yourself for kids" by getting a doglet!

  5. Getting a puppy is so much fun! I definitely recommend getting one before you have kids. They tend to act like children sometimes so it could be good parent training for you! Hahah. I have a great dane and an english bulldog. The dane is my baby and the bulldog is my husband's. My opinion on bulldog's is that they are sweet and cuddly, but they can get reeeeally smelly really quickly (as adults anyway) Haha. They make a great pet though!

  6. oh my goodness, how cute is he?! i love french bulldogs as well but when we get back home we want to get a BIG dog....just because then we can : )

  7. Definitely puppy first. First week in, I was like - oh man, this is tough! Now I am seriously obsessed with my little pup. They truly become your best friend.

  8. i was never a dog/pet person but things suddenly changed and i started looking for dogs online too! if you're a fan of bulldogs, i would (of course) recommend pugs - they are about the same size and a little easier to find. i've seen rescue pug puppies available and they are the cutest tiny puppies!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  9. I wasn't a dog person growing up at all but then I chose to get Winston and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Winston is an English bulldog and is the perfect apartment dog, he naps all the time but is ready to play when I want to play. I actually got Winston from a great breeder in Wisconsin and the first time his little feet touched the ground was in the Minneapolis snow!

  10. Be carrreful. You sound like me right before I got a dog.

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  11. Awwwww get one! ... Nothing is better than a dog hug at the end of the day! I'm serious!


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