fit report: let's walk!


...another reason why i love summer: it is so easy to get out and spend time outdoors. and when you get outdoors, you are usually more active. (another way to make healthy living apart of your lifestyle, get outside with friends and family!) you can go on a bike ride with friends, or walk around the lake with an iced tea. i have been so blessed that the majority of my hang outs lately have been with people, outside, and doing something slightly active. but the only problem is that it is so nice... that if you go on a walk with heather, chances are she is going to want some ice cream. (all things in balance!!)

anyway, here is the fit report for the week!

tuesday 40 minutes stair stepper life time (i love this thing, pair it with netflex and you hae a great combination!) 
thursday 3 mile run, 6 mile walk w/ my mother
friday 3 mile walk w/ my friend katie
sunday 2 mile run & work out video
**my friend kate and i walking around one of our lakes, drinking coffee and catching up!**

so i have obviously been spending most of my days walking, and i encourage you to do the same! take advantage of the long days and walk around. make it a social thing! it become a much more enjoyable thing.

as of healthy reading 

i just finished a book called the heavy which basically was a book that was written from a mother's perspective of how delt with her child's obesity. childhood obesity is a scary thing that is on the up rise. now it is predicted that the next generation of children will be 50% at risk for diabetes and may not out live their parents. this is not okay and as responsible citizens i think we need to be very aware of the types of foods we are feeding out children and the associated risks of obesity for those so young. the book was a very good insiders perspective of the issue and how difficult it was for her to manage with our cultural tendencies as americans that result in unhealthy behaviors. it was a great read and encourage anyone with kids or interested in the matter to go read it! 

how did you stay fit this week? how do you stay active with friends?


  1. i make a point to go on evenings walks just to get out and enjoy the nice weather while it's here and it makes me so happy.

  2. I always want ice cream when its nice out too!! I would probably go crazy reading that book, but i've heard good things about it. I just think parents need to be careful to find a balance between feeding kids unhealthy foods and scaring their kids into only eating a very restricted diet. I've seen waaaay too many little kids come in for eating disorder treatment because their parents were TRYING to be healthy and they took it too far!

  3. I agree that walks are a great way to stay fit! They usually go fast when you are chatting with someone. Whenever my husband walks with me, we always have to get ice cream afterwards!

  4. I love walking around... so much things to see, even if you already live there for a time^^ And with friends it's even better....! And with this nice weather you just spend all your days in the park basically^^ So much fresh air!! haha


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