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yum. if a restaurant name is yum  you would bet the food would be delicious. and it sure was! the other day while nannying i passed this restaurant. because i had always heard great things about it so decided to go ahead and check it out. 
to put this review in quick terms, it was amazing. 

yum has a great environment. simple and modern. everything is very visually pleasing. it is a combination of a sit down and fast food restaurant, having a similar serving style as panera. 

the food is soooo good. all of it is made from scratch. 
yum changes their menu often, following seasonal trends. particularity with their salads. 

ontop of their amazing food. they also have great cupcakes and bakery items. natalie (the girl i nanny) could not get enough of them. 

my food recommendations:

mac and cheese. simple american classic but yum makes it even better
seasonal salads. i have had a few from their and it was awesome, i had a holidazzle salad, with pomograntes and it was heavenly! then i had their greek salad. it was a great choice
butternut squash soup: i am not much of a squash person but decided to give it a try when i was at yum and i am SO glad i did. it was a creamy soup that was so uniquely good that my experience at yum would not have been the same with out it.
cupcakes: everyone here knows i am a sweets person, so i am obviously going to get the cupcakes. i have tried three of their variations, the yum cupcake, red velvet, and tiramisu, all amazing!

so with that if you live in the minneapolis area go check out yum! you won't regret it!

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