window shopping up selby


one of the great things about my current employment status are my days off. I work a few long days during the week, and get the other week days off. it works out great and allows me to get homework done, catch up with friends, and do wedding stuff. this week C. has the week off as he is in transitions of jobs so that meant we got to have a day-date! 

we headed over to Selby street in St. Paul- ate lunch at Cheeky Money (a great sandwich shop where I was able to get a carrot-cinnamon cupcake, yum yum) , walked around the city, and window shopped. it was quiet the lovely date. we ended the date with doing a little productivity at a coffee shop.  I had never ventured over to this part of St. Paul but there was so many fun restaurants, bakeries, a chocolate shop, and clothing boutiques that I am going to have to go back and try. 

hope everyone has a safe and fun halloween! 
{ sneak peak for tomorrow } anderson sister pumpkin fun day 

Ephesians 6:18" Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for believers everywhere" 


  1. Happy Halloween girl! Hope it's wonderful :)

    I love the mirror you took that photo in, on the first picture!! Also, love your boots! Where are they from?? I'm a boot-aholic.


    1. why thank you! my books are frye's and are from Nordstrom, a little spendy but they will last you the rest of your life!! Happy halloween!

  2. The bag in the window is by a company, Apolis. It's an amazing humanitarian company that does great work in Africa, You should check it out! A little pricy but their menswear is to die for!

    1. awesome! Chad has really gotten into mens wear- so that is why we went to this shop, have to check out the website to find out more information!


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