It is my Birthday!


Happy birthday... to me!

So far the day has been great.
My sisters surprised me with flowers, balloon, coffee, and a bagel this morning before I went to work (which I leave at 6:25AM... Thanks sisters!)

I am stuck working an 11 hour day so I have decided to treat myself by.....
eating all of the fat tootsie rolls that I want

and stopping by caribou to get my free drink ( a couple of times) ...

Tonight I am getting dressed up and going out with some of my best girlfriends to a local wine bar/restaurant to consume in massive amounts of desert (then returning to a healthy diet tomorrow... ;) )

Here are my outfits for the day.


TOMORROW the boy and I are celebrating all day long 

On-ward with the festivities! 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! have fun

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!! :)

  3. wait. caribou- free drink? I had no idea. where have I been?
    happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy Birthday Heather! Those cupcakes look delicious. ENjoy your day!

  5. happy birthday!!! I love tootsie rolls too - definitely allowed to eat as many as you want on your bday!


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